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Do dumpers miss their ex?

Do dumpers miss their ex?

It’s not unusual to miss someone after a breakup if you love someone dearly and want their presence in your life.

Yes, readers, a dumper can still miss his ex after a breakup. Although whether a dumper or a dumped partner misses his ex after a breakup depends on his personal feelings.

So guys, in today’s article we will explore if and when a dumper misses his ex.

Before starting the main topic we need a definition of dumper and dumpy.

Dumper refers to the person who breaks up on his own and dumpee is the innocent or quiet person who is broken up with.

Do dumpers miss their ex

Dear readers, when dumpers get into a new relationship after a breakup and miss their ex if the new relationship doesn’t work out. It may be that some habits or behaviors of the dumper’s new partner are not the dumper’s choice but X’s habits or behavior were the dumper’s choice. This is why the dumper compares the two partners. May miss his ex.

A study has said that dumpers miss their X after about 1 week. In some cases, these symptoms start to appear after 5-6 months. But it can be confirmed whether it is 7 days or 180 days when a dumper misses his X.

Guy’s, when you share your life’s laughter, tears, happiness, sadness, and moments with someone, you will miss him if he is not with you for any reason or if you break up. Even if your life is plagued with thousands of problems while in a relationship, you have good times together. You think you will miss your ex. But you were the dumper in your relationship.

As the saying goes “the longer the relationship, the more painful the breakup”. If you spend at least 1 week with your ex under the same roof, you will get used to him. Even if the relationship breaks up due to various problems, you will succumb to your habit. Even if there is no love, habit is born. Due to being a dumper you will miss your X.

Do dumpers miss their ex

If you break up just when you plan to share your entire life with your partner, you will feel like you have cut off a part of your life and are missing yourself.

In many cases, you may think that breakup is better than a boring relationship. With this thinking, you may decide that you have no feelings for your partner. So breakup will not bother you much. But you may be a very wrong reader. A few days after breakup you are with your ex. Start thinking.

You may be a dumper and think that you will be able to live and organize your life more after the breakup. But often you are proven wrong, and in many cases, you and your ex end up sad, frustrated, and depressed. If love is true on your side. Or maybe something happened between you that drove you apart. But still, you miss your ex. Guilt can work in you. You can feel guilty from your own position. Even if the love is right, maybe you have broken the relationship due to some special problem and now you are missing.

Even if you can deny your feelings for a while, the feelings will manifest over time.

If your relationship is deep and lasts for months or years, you will start missing your ex within days. On the other hand, if your relationship was just a short fling, then you may take a few weeks or a month to miss your ex. But in some special cases, this period can be extended up to 5-6 months.

Dumpers miss their ex

Although a dumper may initiate the breakup, after the relationship ends, a dumper misses his ex due to intense pain and loneliness. This is because the dumper does not have the ability to share his life with everyone. Even if the breakup is due to a thousand problems, none of the happiness is spent with the ex. Misses X with a sense of nostalgia.

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