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How Do You Know If Your Ex Wants You Back?

A beautiful relationship breaks down due to negative things like relationship tension, misunderstanding, disrespect, etc. This is how a breakup begins. The definition of a relationship between 2 people who love deeply changes. The new equation is called ex.

Many exes can’t forget the sweet memories of the past even after separation. Unbearable pain is flowing. Many people become mentally disturbed as they go on. Many people want to back to their past love.

In this article, if you have a breakup and want to understand if your ex wants to get back with you then today’s paragraph is for you. It will help you understand how possessive your ex really is about you and if he wants to get back.

How do you know if your ex wants you back

Let’s know the symptoms if your ex wants you back:

Increased contact: If your ex becomes busy contacting you, wants to contact you more often, and makes the conversation longer, then this is a sign that he is interested in getting back together.

Reminiscing about the past: If your ex spends most of his time talking about the sweet memories of your time together, it is a sign that he misses you. This could be the beginning of a new relationship.

Showing jealousy or concern: Suppose you are spending extra time or talking with someone. It may be that you are in a new relationship with someone else but your ex is not taking it normally. Feeling jealous. Again your ex seems to be thinking and caring about you. Then it is his. This could be a sign of relapse.

Trying to spend time together: If your ex wants to meet you in person, chat over a cup of tea together, or give various hints that he wants to spend time with you, it could be a sign that he’s back.

Expressing remorse or asking for forgiveness: If your ex is remorseful for his past mistakes and apologizes repeatedly, it may be a sign that he wants to get back.

Initiating physical contact: If your partner wants to be physically attached to you, hold hands, kiss, or hug, then rest assured he wants to come back to you. In this case, he will want to create romantic moments with you.

Caring for you: Notice if your ex has been more caring for you. Extra thoughts and activities for you are signs that he is coming back to you.

Being attracted to you: Your ex will look at you with fascination when you talk. He will watch your every move. He will develop a routine of what you can do or do when. He wants to return.

Do what you say: Pay attention to what you’re saying so your ex listens like a charmer. Your ex follows you without asking any counter-questions.

Making you happy: Your ex will do anything to make you happy. Keep track of what makes you happy and what makes you sad.

Seeking emotional support: If your ex shares all his secrets with you and expects emotional support from you, let him know who he wants to get back. He will place you as a trustworthy and reliable person.

However, it must be kept that these signs do not happen. Or the signs may be misinterpreted. But the funniest and greenest thing is that your mind and your feelings are enough to understand if your ex wants to come back to you.

Communicate openly with your ex. Try to know and understand his feelings towards you. Be it good or bad, avoid the past memories and live life in a new way. 

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