Love bombing with laughter

What Is The Love Bombing Sign Unintentional

Hello, everyone, my name is Dr. Rubi, and welcome back to Healthcarmina. Let’s talk about narcissistic relationships and talk about a very interesting type of love bombing that I even forgot to mention.

So let’s talk about it. Love bombing when you meet someone, what’s the thing that draws you to them the most? beautiful face? attractive physique? The way someone smells, how they dress, and what they do for a living.

Love Bombing Sign Unintentional
Love Bombing Sign Unintentional

the kind of things people know, but one of the most interesting things is something I’m sure many of you wrote. Someone who can make you smile When we laugh really hard, it changes us right down to the level of our central nervous system.

If someone makes us laugh, it feels so good that we want more, and it may even make up a lot of ground. even if we aren’t physically attracted to them or if they have other qualities that don’t make us want to be with them.

Love bombing with laughter

We think of happiness when we think of someone who makes us laugh. When we see them, we smile, we laugh, and we look forward to more laughter. Laughter is the foundation of many relationships, and many relationships last because of laughter.

Laughter may be a big part of Love bombing if it is that attractive, which is easy to see. And even more fun than a bouquet of flowers or a night out on the town.

Love Bombing Sign Unintentional
Love Bombing Sign Unintentional

Laughter is something we want to keep in our lives, so we might start to ignore warning signs when we are laughing. You might even think this person is I don’t know you’re telling someone who manipulates in gaslights it’s not love bombing, gets angry or sullen sometimes, is late, makes fun of my looks, or doesn’t like my friends.

Pick your red flags from the menu. But you might think, “Damn, this person makes me laugh, so I guess I’ll just stick with them.” ‘’love bombing”

Is There laughter important? Love Bombing Sign Unintentional

We don’t think of laughter as an important part of Love bombing, but it is. We tend to focus on things that are more surface-level, like gifts, experiences, fairy tales, things that move quickly, or good sex.

Laughter feels like a good thing, and having a good sense of humor that isn’t just surface-level is a healthy thing to want.

And, to be honest, it kind of is. Also, there’s nothing inherently bad about getting gifts or flowers or spending a lot of time together. Love bombing is hard because of how much these things are coming at you in a way that makes it hard for you to see things clearly.

It’s not what it is that causes cognitive dissonance, but what it blocks and how it drives it. When something makes us happy, like laughing, we want it to last as long as possible. So it’s easy for the red flags to get ignored in the middle of all the laughter. Oh, they’re not serious.

That’s just how they like to have fun, or I need to get tougher. I need to laugh more with them, but I’m too angry to do that. They’re late because they have a busy job, but they’re just joking. My friends can be a handful, but that’s how we make excuses to keep them around.

Love Bombing Sign Unintentional
Love Bombing Sign Unintentional

We also do it because we want the laughs to last. Another problem with these funny people is that sometimes if they are hostile or self-centered, their jokes have just as many jabs as they do funny ones. So, you might be laughing about something funny, and then they say something mean, and you’re still kind of haha laughing,

but it’s still a joke, right? It’s like one of those laughs, and since you were just laughing, they’ll say, “Oh, you know me, I’m just a joker.”

And that’s how they slip in those hurtful comments to make these funny dates a mix of fun and pain. I love laughing and making people laugh, but humor that is cruel, a dig, or a way to get back at someone is not funny to me.

Barb is bad, and laughter is so appealing that we might have to fight for it. listen I don’t want you to be suspicious of someone new who makes you laugh or a new date.

I just want to say that you shouldn’t let the tears of laughter keep you from seeing red flags, because that wouldn’t be funny. Thanks again.

Red Flag Love Bombing

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